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Join the elite VIP Club at Vernons Casino to experience the ultimate gaming experience. As a VIP member, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards that are only available to our most loyal players.

There are three levels of membership – Bronze, Silver, and Gold – each with its own set of perks and advantages. Bronze members can enjoy up to 10% cashback on losses, while Silver members can receive up to 15%. Gold members can enjoy even higher cashback rewards, as well as access to exclusive Vernons Casino Promotions and events.

But that’s not all. VIP members also receive priority customer support, faster withdrawals, and higher deposit limits. Plus, our VIP team will tailor special offers and bonuses just for you, based on your interests and preferences.

As a VIP member, you’ll have access to a wide range of top-quality casino Vernons Casino Games, from Vernons Casino Slots and Vernons Casino Table Games to live dealer options. And with our enhanced VIP experience, you can enjoy all of these games with even greater rewards and benefits.

Don’t miss out on the unparalleled gaming experience that Vernons Casino has to offer. Join our VIP Club today for exclusive rewards and the ultimate gaming experience.


  • Membership to the Vernons Casino VIP Club is by invitation only.
  • Members of the VIP Club are entitled to exclusive privileges, rewards, and bonuses.
  • The level of membership and benefits in the VIP Club is determined by the player’s activity and loyalty to Vernons Casino.
  • Vernons Casino reserves the right to alter, modify, or cancel any VIP Club rewards, benefits, or privileges at any time.
  • Members of the VIP Club are subject to the same terms and conditions as all players at Vernons Casino, including but not limited to the casino’s general terms and conditions and Responsible Gambling policy.
  • Membership to the VIP Club is limited to one account per individual.
  • Members of the VIP Club can be removed at Vernons Casino’s discretion if they do not meet the requirements for membership, including account inactivity or a history of fraudulent behavior.
  • Vernons Casino reserves the right to deny entry or membership to the VIP Club to any player at its discretion.
  • By accepting membership to the VIP Club, members acknowledge that they have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the program.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the Vernons Casino VIP Club and how do I become a member?-

The Vernons Casino VIP Club is an exclusive membership program that rewards loyal players with special bonuses, promotions, and personalized customer service. To become a member, you need to earn a certain number of loyalty points by playing real money games on the site.

What are the benefits of being a member of the Vernons Casino VIP Club?+

As a member of the VIP Club, you'll enjoy a range of benefits, including cashback offers, free spins, VIP tournaments, faster withdrawals, and dedicated account managers who can assist you with any queries or issues you may have.

How do I earn loyalty points to become a Vernons Casino VIP Club member?+

You can earn loyalty points by wagering real money on games at Vernons Casino. The more you play, the more points you'll accumulate, and the closer you'll get to becoming a VIP Club member.

Do VIP Club members get any special promotions or bonuses?+

Yes, VIP Club members receive special promotions and bonuses that are not available to regular players. These may include exclusive deposit bonuses, cashback offers, Vernons Casino Free spins, and other perks.

Is the Vernons Casino VIP Club open to all players, regardless of their geographic location?+

The VIP Club is open to players from most countries, but some restrictions may apply depending on the laws and regulations of your jurisdiction. To find out if you're eligible to join, check the terms and conditions of the VIP Club on the Vernons Casino website.

What are the VIP Club's terms and conditions, and where can I find them?+

The VIP Club's Vernons Casino Terms and Conditions can be found on the Vernons Casino website. These outline the program's eligibility criteria, benefits, and rules, so it's important to read them carefully before signing up.

How do I contact the Vernons Casino VIP Club if I have any questions or issues?+

If you have any questions or issues related to the VIP Club, you can contact the Support team via email, live chat, or phone. VIP Club members also have access to dedicated account managers who can assist with more complex queries and issues.

Can I leave the Vernons Casino VIP Club if I no longer want to be a member?+

Yes, you can opt-out of the VIP Club at any time by contacting the Vernons Casino support team. Keep in mind that you'll lose your VIP status and all associated benefits and rewards if you choose to leave the program.

Are there any fees or charges associated with joining the Vernons Casino VIP Club?+

No, there are no fees or charges associated with joining the VIP Club. Membership is based on loyalty points earned through playing real money games, and there are no additional costs or requirements.